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Combi Bolts


The Nord-Lock combi-bolt

The Nord-Lock combi bolt (NLCB) is a bolt with an integrated pair of Nord-Lock washers. With the Nord-Lock combi bolt, you will be able to increase the efficiency, accuracy and safety of your assembly, while at the same time keeping inventory and part count at a minimum.

Based on our proven wedge-locking technology, the Nord-Lock combi bolt secures bolted joints and maintains a high clamp force even under severe operating conditions.

With the Nord-Lock combi bolt you are able to:

  • Ensure faster product assembly, thanks to pre-assembled and pre-lubricated parts
  • Facilitate product assembly with very small sizes
  • Maintain and repair in either difficult surroundings or areas of limited access faster, easier and safer
  • Facilitate inventory and logistical savings due to reduced item numbers
  • Make disassembly faster and easier as loose washers can be difficult to remove (especially from counter bore holes)
  • Decrease failures related to human error, incorrect mounting or forgetting to put on the washers


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